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Wappingers Falls Martial Arts

Breakthrough Wappingers Falls Programs in Martial Arts, Fast Fat Loss & Inner-Development.

About Our School

Hi and welcome!

We’re so happy to share our passion for martial arts with you. At first glance, it may seem like our Wappingers Falls Martial Arts school is like every other place to get fit and learn self-defense... but to us it’s a lot more than that. 

As you get into the absolute best shape of your life, some other “hidden” changes happen as well. These changes surprise our new students. When you train in our programs, your life will change in so many amazing ways! 

Here are some of those life-changing benefits students experience…

#1 Huge Confidence Gains

Learning new skills and tasks is difficult. One of the first things both children AND adults notice when training is that they don’t get to have super-star kung fu movie style moves without some serious work. As you dig in, and put yourself to the test mentally and physically, you’ll realize something…

You’ll realize that through all of your hard work, by listening to your instructors, and showing up for yourself - you are incredibly capable of smashing your goals. This sense of achievement gives our students HUGE boosts in confidence.

As you learn striking, self-defense moves, or even learn how to do a push up for the first time you’ll proudly pat yourself on the back and feel great about the person you’re becoming. We love to see this trait develop in our students.

#2 Tremendous Focus

Martial Arts is great fun! You’ll learn all kinds of new skills and techniques like striking drills, defensive moves, and cardio drills. When you learn a new skill, you have to listen carefully and concentrate on what the instructor is saying, then perform what he taught you.

What’s cool is that this intense concentration naturally carries over into all other areas of your life as you develop single-pointed focus. It’s one of the most amazing side-effects of martial arts - many call it getting in the zone, unlocking your untapped potential, or peak performance.

Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure - you’ll learn how to focus your mind and perform tasks you once thought were impossible.

#3 Incredible Strength and Fitness

No matter what your starting level is, each of our students improves from the fitness level they were in when they took their first class. That’s true for total beginners to elite athletes.

We strive to make sure each class is filled with fun and challenging drills and exercise that work your entire body.

Get ready for plenty of fist bumps as you achieve things you once thought impossible. Even if that means completing a single push up, performing a challenging kick, or consistently showing up to class every week. Your couch is about to get soooo jelly.  

#4 We Are Family

Many martial artists claim they always felt like an “outsider” before they found martial arts. Some of our students just never got into organized sports in school or felt that social clubs weren’t for them.

But the same students who tell us how they “never fit in” or weren’t popular seem to come alive in our classes! We provide a safe, positive, enriching environment where we all want each other to succeed. We don’t have bullies or students trying to one up each other.

Everyone is helpful and encouraging. Both kids and adults become friends with other members, which then makes our martial arts family tight-knit and strong.

We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, motivation and success. It's something really cool to be a part of.

#5 You’ll Do FUN Stuff!

No two workouts are ever the same. We use functional fitness focused on getting your body in tip top shape. After all, if you can’t move your body in the real world or have enough endurance to get out of a bad situation then we’re not doing our job right.

You’ll learn how to move your body in fun new ways that will wreck your core, tone your arms and legs, and ensure that you stay as injury free as possible. Of course we do this with positive motivation. No military style yelling or body shaming, ever.

Kids and adults both work hard, but play harder.. Laughing, smiles, and high fives are part of every class.

Make your fitness dreams come true while learning how to protect yourself and your family.

We’re so dedicated to community improvement and safety that we’re offering a limited time 100% money back guarantee on all web-specials. So, if we’re not a good fit for you, no worries. But chances are you’ll love it here. If you’re comfortable signing up over the internet, we highly encourage it. If not, don't hesitate to give us a call: (845) 226-6420

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Alex Puzza

Alex Puzza, Founder
Proven Martial Arts
(845) 226-6420

Sign your kid up for our fun, inspiring Wappingers Falls martial arts classes! Your child will learn timeless skills of self-defense... A deep sense of respect for themselves, and others... And how to focus 100% of their energy to accomplish whatever it is they want to in life.

- In fact, many parents are blown away when their children's grades start improving shortly after they join martial arts. That's because martial arts provides children with a powerful, success-driven framework that reaches into every area of their lives.

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show! Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

Learn self-defense as you engage in powerful, time-tested techniques... Feel great as you get an awesome workout, and punch and kick stress out of your body... And make friends as you practice alongside other positive, like-minded people who are all set on success.

- In addition, you'll learn ancient philosophies that have brought people peace and tranquility in their lives for literally thousands of years. Martial arts is a lot fun - but it's also very deep and profound. Get the perfect balance of both in our Wappingers Falls classes!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is infamous as a grappling and submission martial arts. Though its origins date back to 20th century Japan... it went through intense modification in Brazil to become the renowned martial art that it is today.

BJJ is an unstoppable martial art in grappling tournaments... MMA competitions... or just as a powerful exercise to develop strength, stamina, and balance. And the hardcore training is a ton of fun.

Hapkido walks the tightrope of hard vs. soft martial arts technique. It employs “softer” techniques which focus on using your opponent's own momentum against them... as well as “hard” techniques like powerful punches & kicks to stun.

It also focuses on staying relaxed & calm in any situation. Combine this with the great shape you'll get in as you learn this Korean form... and before you know it your whole life will fill with a calm, cool confidence. The extra weight you lose will help you feel more energized and alert too. It's truly life-changing.

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At Proven Martial Arts we're focused on "Creating Tomorrow's Leaders...One Black Belt at a Time". As a family friendly martial arts school, we bend over backwards to make sure everyone has a positive experience - that goes for kids, adults, total beginners, or even experienced athletes.


Say bye-bye to boring routines! You'll get the best training possible to suit your specific needs and the needs of your family. With an endless variety of functional training drills, crazy-cool new martial arts techniques to learn, and non-stop cardio conditioning no two workouts are ever the same.


Are you a competitor at heart, simply want to get fit, or looking for an outlet for your child's wonderful energy? Our robust class offerings make sure we have something for everyone. Parents can train with their children in family classes or on their own. Either way, all of the classes are highly effective for personal defense, weight loss, and as a stand-alone martial art - when you combine the skills of taekwondo with various techniques of other Martial Arts you'll have a one up on any competition for sure!


Whether you want to seriously dedicate your time to becoming an amazing martial artist or simply want to get fitter fast - the key is that our instructors work WITH YOU and not for their own personal goals.


You get better based upon what you do, how hard you practice, and what you ultimately want to get our of your training. Our world-class instructors know exactly how to push you hard enough for you to bust out of a fitness funk and get to next level status.


Some of our most popular class offerings include:


We have a strict ZERO ego rule, also known as The No Jerk Policy. We don't teach students how to become brawlers or encourage kids to start fights. Teamwork in class is encouraged so everyone is comfortable working with their partners and not worrying about getting hurt because the other person has something to prove.


We like to have fun in class and think you should too. We take great pride in keeping our facility as clean and up to date as possible. You'll always have professional grade equipment, sanitized mats, and plenty of lit parking for your safety. All we ask is that you return the good hygiene favors too by showing up to class with a clean uniform!


For more details on our unique ways to squash fears, have the most fun you've EVER had working out, and get you into that "can do" mind-set just visit our classes page. The "Classes" link in the menu above is where we break down what it is we do in each class and where you can find that super low web-special going on too! Wouldn't want you to miss out.


Read our Owner/Head Instructors mini bio below so you can get a feel for the leadership at Proven Martial Arts. Looking forward to training with you soon and helping you to get empowered in a positive way!


Alex Puzza is a 4 th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and a certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor. He's been teaching since he first earned his green belt and fell in love with helping others learn and grow. Focused on one day opening his own school, he started to train and gather knowledge from top sources so he could provide the best martial arts experiences to the public as possible. He's trained under world class instructors and finally had the opportunity to make his dream a reality by opening Proven Martial Arts. Teaching students from all walks of life that martial arts IS for them; regardless of age, flexibility or ability.

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